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Natural Technologies’ vinegars and mustards are all-natural products produced by Austrian technology following recipes which have withstood the test of time. The VINOCETI vinegars are made from white or red wine, apple cider or honey. Each of our vinegar products – wine, apple or honey – exhibits a unique bold taste with diverse applications. Natural Technologies’ mustard is a blend of mustard seeds, vinegar, water, natural spices and ingredients such as chili, champagne and honey that act in synergy to give new life to its taste.

The story we continue writing…

It all began 5,000 years BC when ancient civilisations discovered the miraculous properties of vinegar. Although first conceived by mistake in wine making process, this sour elixir has become an integral part of our lives. People started to take advantage of its qualities of a preservative and a flavouring agent, as well as, of its beneficial effects on the human body.

Centuries later, around 3,000 BC, man discovered mustard as well. Its original ingredients were mustard seeds, vinegar, water, salt and oil. This is the simple and natural recipe we also stick to so as to ensure the great taste of our mustard products.

We have the pleasure to provide you with an opportunity to relish vinegar and mustard in their purest and most natural forms and to fully appreciate these natural products. Natural Technologies’ mustards and VINOCETI vinegars have been carefully prepared using all-natural ingredients and drawing on our deep love of nature.