HOTDOG WITH HONEY MUSTARD • Natural Technologies



3 sausages or wursts

3 tbsp Honey Mustard

3 hotdog buns

50 g grated Emmental

50 g grated cheddar


3 people

Preparation time:

25 minutes

Preparation instructions

Step 1

Grill or boil the sausages.

Step 2

Meanwhile, grate the cheese and mix it with the mustard.

Step 3

Cut the buns in half, insert 1 sausage in each bun and spread 1 tsp from the mixture on top.

Step 4

Heat the grill in the oven, broil the buns open until the cheese has melted.

Step 5

Optionally, garnish with fresh onion strips and serve.

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“This is one of my favourite recipes for hotdog because it contains only the basic ingredients needed to take you to heaven: sausages, cheese and most importantly – delicious Natural Technologies’ Mustard. . And in this case even better, with honey in it!”

Sandra Aleksieva

culinary blogger, 1001 Recipes