White Gourmet Box | Natural Technologies


Natural Technologies’ new gourmet selection makes the perfect gift for any occasion.


Natural Technologies’ Gourmet Box, White, is inspired by the chocolate flavour of festivity and is charged with the most exquisite fragrance of Vinoceti vinegars and Natural Technologies’ mustards. Splendidly wrapped, it is a ready-made gift that you cannot go wrong with. Of course, it contains 100 per cent all-natural products.

Natural Technologies’ gourmet box, white, includes four lovingly selected delicacies: Premium Balsamic Cherry Vinoceti Vinegar, Honey Mustard, Champagne Mustard and the unique Natural Technologies’ gourmet chocolates selection.

Premium Balsamic Cherry Vinoceti Vinegar: cherry vinegar captivates the senses with its deep taste and beautiful velvety red colour. The fruity touch merged with balsamic flavour makes this vinegar the perfect dash for any spring or summer salad. Try it with creamy desserts or pies. Drizzle it in vodka- or anise-based cocktails.

Natural Technologies’ Honey Mustard: 18 per cent of pure honey soothe the characteristic spiciness and bitterness of mustard. Honey provides the natural balance and enrichment of taste and flavour making this delicacy the best dip for various à la minute dishes, sweeter dressings and burgers

Natural Technologies’ Champagne Mustard: Genuine Henri de Verlaine French champagne blends with traditional mustard to give this product its unrivalled flavour, memorable taste and pleasant, mellow freshness. It is great in hot and cold sauces alike. It takes mayonnaise and horseradish to a whole new level.

Natural Technologies’ Gourmet Chocolates Selection: Natural Technologies’ box of chocolates includes 12 chocolates and 10 one-of-a-kind chocolate flavours prepared with fine milk or dark homemade chocolate in the following combinations: Vinoceti Provence-et-Roses Vinegar, Premium Vinoceti Balsamic Pomegranate Vinegar, Premium Balsamic Fig Vinegar, Vinoceti Raspberry Vinegar and Natural Technologies Mustards with Truffles, Chili, Maple Syrup, Coarse Grain, Tennessee Whiskey and Champagne.