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Natural Technologies’ gourmet selection is the gift of choice.


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Natural Technologies’ Gourmet Box, Black, is a special selection of the fabulous Vinoceti vinegar flavours and the amazing Natural Technologies’ mustards. The luxury gift-wrapping appeals to the most sophisticated taste. All products are 100 per cent natural origin.

Natural Technologies’ Gourmet Box includes six lovingly selected delicacies: Premium Balsamic Fig Vinoceti Vinegar, Premium Balsamic Vinoceti Pomegranate Vinegar, Truffle Mustard, Whiskey Mustard, Maple Mustard and Chili Mustard.

Premium Balsamic Fig Vinoceti Vinegar: this brilliant vinegar captivates the senses with its sweet gourmet taste of figs. It is a great choice for flavouring fruit salads and fresh veggies, pastries and meatless appetizers, which it brings to a higher level with its subtle sweet taste. Deep colour of ripe fig.

Premium Balsamic Pomegranate Vinoceti Vinegar: a balsamic vinegar with a slight tart tang paired with the sweet taste of pomegranate. Try it with smoked cheese or pork marinade. A year-round product for preparing glazes for lamb and duck or grilled eggplant. Shiny, dark red colour.

Natural Technologies’ Truffle Mustard: This truffle mustard is an exquisite addition to the gourmet flavours of Natural Technologies. The combination of mustard seeds and truffles gives this delicacy the unforgettable slightly pungent and pleasantly palatable taste.

Natural Technologies’ Whiskey Mustard: The top-selling Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey unveils the secrets of mustard seeds to result in a fantastic explosion of taste – a mellow smoked flavour and a smooth texture with a mysterious undertone.

Natural Technologies’ Maple Mustard: Original Class A Canadian maple syrup renders this silky mustard subtle sweetness. Maple syrup boosts immunity and the antioxidants it contains have impressive health benefits.

Natural Technologies’ Chili Mustard:a mustard delicacy which is designed to counterbalance strong flavoured foods such as pastrami, salami and roast meat. Serve over all kinds of meat sandwiches or dissolve in meat marinade.